• Desire for innovation, creativity and teamwork;
  • Motivated students and teachers;
  • Proven quality education;
  • Student Parliament and School Media;
  • Formal uniform with the symbols of the high school and elements of everyday uniform;
  • Extracurricular activities organized in five academies: Art Academy, Eco Academy, Business Academy, Knowledge Academy, Sports Academy;
  • Great school environment.


  • We learn a lot, a lot, a lot… – both students and teachers;
  • We participate in competitions at various levels, win prizes and represent the high school;
  • We develop and implement projects;
  • We develop a student portfolio – as a tool for assessment and self-assessment and for public presentation and motivation;
  • We organize charity activities, exhibitions, competitions, round tables, scientific conferences, symposia, discussions, meetings, trainings, eco-actions, theater productions, educational campaigns on current issues;
  • We organize and conduct: sports tournaments, school celebrations;
  • We write and publish literary, journalistic and philosophical collections and almanacs, a newspaper of the student parliament, flyers, brochures, leaflets and posters about school life.


To be well educated,
competitive and mobile!

Let’s be responsible!

To be leaders!

Let’s respect the traditions!

To understand the world, to be social and creative!

Let’s live in the present,
thinking about the future!

To be good people and citizens
of Bulgaria, Europe and the world!

Remember that the world does not start with us,
but we can change it!

Students and teachers experiencing the meaning of STEM

We are all eco-friends

The first day we presented our countries and schools. Than we had a walk in the school. We had lunch at the school canteen. Finally we had a workshop and we calculated our carbon footprint.

The second day we had a workshop in the IT lab and we got to know what Microbit is. After that we did some patterns on it. It was fun. Then we had a presentation about the plastic pollution. In the afternoon we had a workshop in the chemical lab. We made soaps and candles. Finally we had a dance workshop. All the students learned a dance there.

The third day we had a trip to Braga. We visited the ancient gate and the cathedral. This is the religious center of Portugal. Than we went to Guimaraes. There we visited a Medieval castle which was very beautiful. Unfortunately there was raining a lot. 

The fourth day we had a walk in the city park. There was raining too, but this time almost everybody had an umbrella. We visited the city museum and the Center of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials. It was very interesting. Than we went to the school because we had to prepare for the diner. We cooked national dishes. After that we had a diner with all of the other students, teachers and parents. In the end we received certificates from the principal of D. Sancho School.

The fifth day we had a trip to Porto. We visited a winery called Taylor’s. We had a walk along the coast of the Doro river. After that we visited the city train station which was decorated with tiles. Last but not least we had a walk along the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

The sixth day we said  ‘goodbye’ and we left.