Conserve Water, Conserve Life!

The mobility aims to teach Water pollution . All the activities include both educational concerns like; teaching experiment, finding solutions to real life problems, test their product and also helps to develop good citizenship attitudes by taking the responsibility of ecology. The activities support school lessons and subjects and give necessary skills to handle the activities. The students who have joined the activities will share their products and
results with their peers at the school and lead a workshop. The products of workshop and an informative note will be exhibited in billboard of the school.

Focus of the mobility: Conserve water, conserve life.
-Creation of integrated learning content on natural sciences and technologies to form behavioral models committed to environmental protection andsustainable development;
-Sharing good pedagogical experience from project partners;
-Study, selection of information and presentation through ICT of processes and phenomena related to the problems of environmental protection;
-Participation in national and local campaigns related to environmental protection: planting of trees, cleaning of solid waste, etc.

Portugal’s File – Bulgaria Mobility

Turkey’s File – Bulgaria Mobility

Estonia’s File – Bulgaria Mobility