Estonia’s File – Lithuania Mobility

Student Reports

The last meeting of the Erasmus + project “Teachers and Students are Experiencing the Meaning of
STEM” with project partners from Bulgaria, Sicily, Portugal, Lithuania and Turkey took place in1.-6.
May. Seventh-graders Tuule Kalamees, Taavet Tenno, Sandra Kaiste and Aleksandra Vahter from our
school participated in the meeting. We were hosted by Raimundo Samulevičiaus Progymnasium in
Jonava, Lithuania, and this time the meeting was entitled “Be a part of the solution not a part of the
This time, the project aimed to draw young people’s attention to global air pollution. Air pollution is a
major threat to nature and human health. Air pollution is not as big a problem in Estonia as elsewhere in
Europe, but it is still a problem. We are the future and everyone can make the planet better by using
public transport or cycling and saving energy by using less electricity. The most enjoyable part of the
week was that I was able to practice my English. At first I was intimidated by the idea that I could only
talk, study and ask questions in English, but in the end everything went well. The other participants in the
project were very encouraging and patient, and I really enjoyed learning what I learned in English in such
a pleasant environment. I made a lot of new friends and acquaintances. I am very grateful to have been a
part of this project. During the week I learned a lot about so many different cultures. I learned a lot about
Lithuania, which is a unique and beautiful country. While there, I discovered that Lithuania has a lot in
common with Estonia and visiting this country is a good experience for every Estonian.
Tuule Kalamees
The trip to the Republic of Lithuania was a completely new experience for me, because I was able to fly
by plane for the first time. We lived in Kaunas and every day we drove to Jonava to school there. It was
very different there than in our school. Otherwise I really liked this city and I would definitely like to go
there again someday. During the trip, I also got close to a couple of high school girls who told me about
their school customs. I was a little modest and did not dare to communicate with strangers. The
presentation was the most frightening part of this trip for me. I didn’t like the way so many people
watched me for several minutes in a row. In Jonava during school hours we learned a lot of new and
exciting things. We were able to experiment and see for ourselves how things work. I would have liked to
be more friends and bolder, but now I know I will give myself more than next time.
Sandra Kaiste
On Monday, we attended a chemistry class where we measured the temperature of the water and poured
various chemicals, such as NaCl, into the water, and then measured their temperature again to see if there
was an exothermic or hypothermic reaction. After a chemistry class, we visited the Jonava City Museum,
where we learned about bees and their lives, and made beeswax candles.
On Tuesday, each country’s delegation made presentations on the air quality in its own country, and we
listened to everyone’s presentations on air pollution in their country. After the presentation, we went to a
physics and biology class, where we counted the passing cars for 5 minutes and calculated how much

carbon monoxide was emitted into the air at that time. In the botanical garden of Kaunas University we
learned to recognize different chemical reactions, we made bath salt.
On Wednesday we had a tour in Kernave, Trakai and Vilnius. One interesting fact for me was that
Lithuania has had three capitals over time. In Kernave we visited the church and enjoyed historical sights,
in Trakai we visited Trakai Fortress, in Vilnius the cathedral and the Gediminas Tower, which was high on
a hill. We also got to know Vilnius Old Town.
On Thursday we got acquainted with Jonava Vocational School, where we tested how hard it must be to
break a car window and how the airbag works. After that, we made a fruit salad in the study kitchen. In
the afternoon we were hosted by Jonava City Government.
On Friday we decorated the spoons, used different shapes for them. We made posters about air pollution
using slogans given to us on paper.
Aleksandra Vahter

What did I learn on the mobility?

  • By listening, watching and speaking myself, I learned how to make better slides and speak more
  • I learned to make bath salt.
  • On Thursday at Jonava Vocational School, I said that my opinions are changing fast. If at first I thought
    I wanted to become a car mechanic, the smell that was there was not for me and I should think about my
    career. I also learned that an idea can be good, but if it is done, the result may not be so good.
  • I learned that when you go abroad, you have to be able to make friends and speak very good English,
    which I did not know. (Observation from teachers: Lack of language skills did not prevent David from
    being the greatest communicator and collaborator with Turkish students.)
    Thank you to all the teachers I got to meet, thank you to Margit Düüna, many thanks to Turkey, Portugal,
    Bulgaria, Lithuania and Italy. It was great to work with students from different countries.

    Taavet Tenno