How to Make Good STEM Lessons?

This training aims to give the project team the necessary skills to implement the project. Teacher will learn the necessity and application of Stem, and the ambiguity of their mind will clarify that will give them self-confidence in implementing the activities.In this 5-day training course ,IT experts will provide the most common tools and applications for efficient use in the classroom and use the various Web 2.0 Technology tools that will be used in designing e-book, comics, presentations, posters and programs for understanding the meaning of Stem, and basic Ecology.

Joint staff training activities will concentrate on the following issues

  • Raising Qualifications of teachers and mentors
  • Intercultural issues and different applications of the same subject
  • Web 2.0 tools and ICT abilities for performing The EU projects

After staff training event, each project partner will organize a local seminar in his/her country, to share the acquired knowledge and the good practices shared at European level.

Focus of the visit:
help the teachers to understand what a STEM teacher really is. What a STEM school really is. What a STEM student really is. By understanding the underlying environmental issues, enabling teachers to understand the process, and empower them with project-based learning techniques.
Eco-literacy/ Environmental education /WEB 2.0 tools