Lithuania’s File – Portugal Mobility

Student Reports

On the Sunday afternoon we arrived at the airport in Portugal. The Portuguese team greeted us there and after that, we drove to their school where me and Gerardas met our hosts or as we called them –  our “second family”.
Our second family took us to their home where they let us settle down and rest. We talked a lot and exchanged gifts with them, they were very nice & warm people. We had lots of free time so one of the hosts took us to the ice rink with other nation’s teams & their hosts.

On Monday morning in school each representative country made representations about their own nation. It took longer than it should, but when we got to the end we went to dine. When we finished dining and after a short break we went to a class where there was yet another presentation about our “Carbon footprint”. It was about how our everyday actions impact the global climate change (how much CO2 we emit by doing everyday tasks). Each of us took an interactive quiz and it turned out, that on average we would need 2.5 Earths to sustain the neutral amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

On Tuesday we started the day off by learning the fundamentals of coding with micro:bit. The next class was about plastic pollution awareness – we attended a presentation & watched various videos that made us think about how should we properly dispose of plastic & how to use it less. After lunch, we went to another class where we made soap & candles. Lastly, after a short break, we went to a choreography class where we learnt some dancing steps.

On Wednesday we went on an excursion to Braga where we got to see lots of churches and the Cathedral of Braga. When we got some free time me and Gerardas also got to taste one of Portugal’s national dish – Francesinha, if shortly describe it – it’s a fancy sandwich that’s also served with french fries. In the evening we got to visit the  Guimaraes Castle. After the tour through the castle, we went back to our city – Famalicao and that was the end of the day.

On Thursday we spent most of the day in the Center of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (CeNTI) where a guide showed how they created synthetic textile & micro schemes. After the tour, we got back to school to dine & when we were finished we got some free time, so me & Gerardas got back to our host’s home to start packing our luggage. In the evening we went back to school to prepare one of our national dishes as other countries’ representatives do the same
& also in the same kitchen. Due to that, there was little space to prepare the dish, but I & my team managed. After that, we went to a big dining room where our national cuisines were served and were tried. It got pretty late, but after we finished eating, we danced, everyone got certificates of attendances with a gift – a few soap bars that we made in the chemistry lab and a little traditional souvenir.

On the last day we went to Porto to visit Taylor’s Wine Cellars and just to go sightseeing the city itself. After the long day of walking around, we said goodbye to each other and went to our separate ways. Our team stayed at a hotel near the airport where we had to wake up early and fly our way back to Lithuania.  

Paulius and Gerardas