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Portuguese students REPORT

Ana Costa

I´m Ana Beatriz from the classe 1001. I participated in two activities. The first one was the reception and welcome session. In this one we made a description of the week in the auditorium with the students and the foreign teachers.

The second one was the visit to the school and train of joy groups dynamics by the students meeting teachers. In this activity, the point was getting to know each other better and get to know the school and the classes.

I really enjoy the experience. We had the opportunity to get to know new cultures and different ways of living.

Ana Cardoso

I am Margarida from Portugal. For the Erasmus project I received Bozhana from Bulgaria.  Besides that I participated in 4 different activities :  WORKSHOP – Calculate your carbon footprint! ;  DANCE WORKSHOP – Students will learn a choreography ; Visit to the school and Train of Joy Group dynamics (opportunity to create intercultural working groups for activities); TOURIST GUIDES – Visit to the city of Porto and the historical center (UNESCO heritage).

I loved every single moment since the beginning, from the first words I share with who later became my friend to the tears of the last day. I feel lucky for having the opportunity to work with these amazing students. And now that this step of Erasmus project is over, I am excited to go to Bulgaria and meet even more new people and new cultures.

Thanks for this opportunity!

Beatriz Veiga

Hi! I’m Beatriz Veiga. I participated on the Workshop in the Chemistry Lab. In this workshop we

made candles and soaps through chemical processes. About the workshop, I think it went well.

I also think that our team did our best for it to be a great workshop. For me, that week was great and I had the opportunity to meet new people and new cultures. It was a shame that it was raining but after all it was an amazing week and experience.

Beatriz Gouveia

The Erasmus week was one of the best experiences in my life, I met a lot of new people and participated in fun activities. In my opinion there wasn´t any big flaws in the mobility and it all went great. I was in the “Calculate your ecological footprint” workshop and in the visit to Porto.

In the “Calculate your ecological footprint” workshop my group and I did a presentation about the carbon footprint, biocapacity, overshooting and other concepts and all the students and teachers in the workshop calculate their ecological footprint. On the other hand, in the visit to the city of Porto we visit the Tailoyr’s cellars and showed the students and teachers some of the most iconic places to visit in the city like D. Luís Bridge and Avenida dos Aliados for example.

Over all I really enjoyed this week and I´m really thankful I got the opportunity to participate in this project.

César Teixeira

I am César and I was part of the Erasmus STEM project. I participated in 2 activities, student reception and a visit to the cities of Braga and Guimarães. In the reception to the students, each country made a brief presentation about themselves and in the visit to the cities we went to know a little of the history of the city. I liked this activity, I think it was great to make new friends, get to know different cultures and always learn some more English. In my opinion, there was an embarrassment that was the rain that existed in the visit to the cities, but that did not alter the learning and living experience.

Cláudia Faria

In December of 2019, our school hosted an Erasmus+ project along with schools from Estonia, Lithuania, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria. I can say without a doubt that it was one of the best weeks of my life, thanks to the interesting activities and the amazing people I met, some of which I kept in contact with. I participated in the Reception and Welcome Session, where we welcomed the teachers and students to Portugal, and in the Micro:Bit workshop where we taught the students basic programming. I believe the project went extremely well, thanks to both the students’ enthusiasm and the teachers’ hard work. Even when there were some mistakes in planning or coordination, everyone was always ready to improvise and learn and have fun at the same time, which is the objective of the project. Some Portuguese students (myself included) showed the center of the city to the foreign students on our free time, creating strong friendship bonds between everyone.

Daniela Costa

My name is Daniela and I participated in the Erasmus+ Project, in Portugal. In this project, I was part of the Chemistry Workshop, in which we prepared soaps and candles, experimenting with chemical processes.

Regarding my activity, I think everything went very well. Possibly, the biggest obstacle to the total success of this project was the unfavourable climatic conditions, registered in a few days. But nothing prevented the realization of all activities with enthusiasm and extreme commitment on the part of everyone.

Definitely what I liked most in this week was the coexistence between all of us and, realizing that, although we speak different languages, we managed to overcome this barrier and work together for the success of the project.

For my part, I can say that I tried my best to make that week unforgettable. I loved this experience and I sincerely hope to be able to repeat it next year.

David Silva nº10

I’m David and I participated in the Erasmus + project, more specifically in the “Micro:bit” activity. In my opinion, this project is an asset for all countries. In general, the project ran successfully, but due to meteorological factors some activities were not as productive as expected.

Filipa Ferreira

In December of 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus + project. This week provided me the participation in different activities. There were two activities that, in my opinion, stood out. One of them was ice skating with students from other countries and the other one was a visit to the city of Porto and Historic center (Unesco Uritage).

On the visit to Porto, we saw the most beautiful places and, although I think foreign students and teachers liked the visit, I think it could have been a lot funnier if the weather allowed it.

I loved this week, once that allowed me to meet amazing people from other countries, sharing cultures and traditions and even learn new languages.

Filipe Vicente

Hello! My name is Vicente and I have to say that I really enjoyed this experience. I had never participated in an Erasmus project and, now that I have participated, I definitely want to repeat the experience. Unfortunately, I cannot go out in this Erasmus project, but when another opportunity arises to participate in one, I will not hesitate.

I participated in two activities, that is, I was one of the guides in two activities (although I was present in almost all of them). So, the activities were: Visit to the school and Train of Joy, Group Dynamics by the students and meeting of teachers; Visit to the cultural heritage to the city of Guimarães and Braga (UNESCO heritage).

My favourite day was Wednesday, I was with the foreign groups much longer than in the other days and I could show them a little of our culture. I hope everyone involved in the project enjoyed it as much as I did.

Filipe Ferreira

My name is Filipe Ferreira and this was my first ERASMUS experience. I would say that this week went well overall. We had lots of fun and made good friends and we are still in touch with each other. At least I loved it.

However, I do think somethings could have gone better. I wish I had spoken to more people and maybe do something with them instead of wasting valuable time doing nothing. If I have the opportunity to be part of another project like this one, I won’t repeat these mistakes. I also think the priority of the project should have been connecting people from the different countries and have them share their cultures with each other and have fun together but that was a bit left out to give place for what were in my opinion a bit pointless activities that occurred in the abstinence of most of the Portuguese students which were having classes. Also, the weather conditions didn’t allow us to fully enjoy some of the activities but that’s nobody’s fault.

Nevertheless, I really loved this experience and I’m looking forward to repeat it someday.

Gabriel Silva

During the Erasmus+ week, that lasted from 9th to 13th of December, I participated in two of the activity groups, more precisely the “Lesson for positive actions: plastic pollution” and the “Visit to the city of Porto and the historical centre (UNESCO heritage)” ones. Both of the activities went well, everyone enjoyed them and they all were clearly entertained. Some setbacks happened during both of the activities, for example, the plastic pollution class started

half an hour later because of a problem with our classroom’s projector; and during the trip to Porto the weather wasn’t the best for a walk through the city, but none of it really mattered.

The groups, the teachers and the foreign students all did their best to make every single moment a great one.

I absolutely adored all the moments i spent with them, but Thursday’s noon and dinner and Friday always will have a special place in my heart. I made incredible bounding’s with them and also created some of my, by far, favourite memories I have. It’s still hard to believe that the week they were here was so perfect in all possible levels and aspects, and it’s even harder to believe that it is all over. I wouldn’t change a thing except for the little time they stayed.

Inês Vanessa

Hello, my name is Vanessa and I made part of the Erasmus+ project. I participated in the “Lesson for positive actions” to reduce the problem of plastic pollution.

I really enjoy that week because the students were very nice and funny with us. I loved the experience, what I liked most was meeting new people, new cultures and being with people from other countries and what I liked least was not having the possibility to go on visit to Porto, Guimarães and Braga, because these visits were a way to get to know each other more.

Although the weather has not helped in some activities, I think that we all have fun and that is the most important. I hope we can be together again someday.

Inês Costa

Hello, my name is Inês and I participated in the Dance workshop.  The aspects I liked the most in the experience was meeting new people and the least I liked was communication (on my part).  What went wrong in my opinion was the visit to Devesa park because we were all sick but in general, I loved it!

Leonardo Ribeiro

My name is Leonardo Ribeiro I’m 15 years old. I participated in the workshop Micro:bit, here we learn how to programme. I really like to learn more about other cultures and didn’t like that much the visit to CENTI because it was raining. 

The workshops went really well and the hardest part for me was communication.

Maria Oliveira

Hello, my name is Elisa and I made part of an unforgettable experience. An Erasmus + project named STEM, as in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

I had the honour of working in the Micro:bit group which consisted on learning how to programme in blocks. I also made part of the enjoyable visit around the school where we went to the workshops, library, outdoor spaces, etc. Along with this activity we had the Train of joy, where we got to know each other better, sharing personal traits.

My most prized memory that week was when we went to the ice ring together. I won’t forget when we fell and laughed together. Overall, I can say we had a perfect week because of the

friendships we’ve made and the precious time we spent together!

Maria Silva

Hi, my name is Maria Silva and I participated in the Erasmus project.

In this project, I participate on a presentation about plastic pollution. Throughout this project, what I liked most was the connection that we all created in just one-week, the foreigners’ students were all friendly and funny, and also all the moments and activities that we could share together as a class and friends.

Although the whole week went nice one thing that didn’t went very well was that when we went on a visit to the city park it was raining a lot and we ended up getting all wet.

Therefore, I end by saying that I really enjoyed being part of this project and it was a new experience for me. I could meet people from different countries and different cultures learn new things and new words. I think it could not have gone any better.

Mariana Fernandes

Hi my name is Mariana, I’m 15 years old and I was a part of Erasmus+ Project. 

I really enjoyed the overall experience, highlighting the Chemistry Lab Workshop. In which I helped the foreign students, making soaps and natural candles.  In my opinion, it all went smoothly. 

Being the best part, knowing new people and learning more about other cultures, beside the variety of activities that we had!

Mariana Machado

Hi. My name is Mariana and I hosted Sofia and Alessandra from Italy.

I participated in the reception of the students where we welcomed them, presented all the countries involved and showed some little shows, like dancing and singing. I was also in the “Calculate your Ecological footprint” workshop where I and my friends explained what the ecological footprint, the biocapacity and the carbon footprint is and what it affects in our world, we also compared the ecological footprints of each country.

I really enjoyed this experience because all the students were really nice and we formed a really strong bond even if we only met for one week. We also learnt a lot of different cultures from every country, especially in the dinner we had together where we tasted a lot of different appetizers and desserts.

I really loved this experience and it was a wonderful week with their amazing company, nothing went wrong and I hope I can repeat it soon.

Rui Cordeiro

Hello I’m Rui in this project I participated in the mobility group in Braga. The part I liked the most about this project was when I heard the farewell dinner because it was where we can live with people more. 

The part I liked least was the view to CeNTI – (Center of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials) not only because it was bad weather as the way they were divided, I also didn’t like the fact that we had classes that week because while some people were on a project we were taking classes and so we didn’t live with them so much and that’s why I liked the farewell dinner the most because there we had more interaction with the foreigners but otherwise everything went well hears commitment by all groups to make it one of the best experiences of all. And it was a pleasure to have lived with people.

Sara Guimarães

Hello! My name is Sara Guimarães.

I organized the Dance Workshop together with three more colleagues, and in this workshop we learned to dance Kuduro and Afrodance. It was really fun!

I met very friendly people and I will never forget this experience. The least positive point was the weather that, on certain days, did not collaborate much in visits to Porto and Braga. I really would have liked to go to these visits with the Erasmus people, but it was not possible!

However, Erasmus week was amazing and helped me develop my English!

Sara Novais

Hello. My name is Sara Novais. And I participated in the ERASMUS+ project. In which I took in two girls from Turkey. I also participated in the presentation to foreigners about plastic pollution.

Throughout the week, the most important were the bonds I created with all foreigners, but mainly with my girls, but above all it helped the class to get closer. In addition to these aspects, the project also helped me to develop in terms of knowledge because I learned about other cultures, languages, among others, and in terms of responsibility and dedication.

However, there was some flaws in the planning of the project, for example, when we go to the city park it was raining. Despite everything, I loved participating in the project and I would like to do it again.

Tomás Sabino

My name is Tomás and I’m 15 years old.

I participated on Visit to the school and Train of Joy – Group dynamics (opportunity to create intercultural working groups for activities) activity from Erasmus project.

I only had one difficult, that was the communication. I liked a lot participate in Erasmus because I learnt more about new cultures, habits and traditions from different countries.