Portugal’s File – Bulgaria Mobility

Student Reports

I’m Ana Beatriz Costa and in October 2021 I participated in the mobility to Bulgaria. During that week we presented two projects that we proposed and participated in some activities organized by the groups. The activity I liked the most was when we went to visit Vitosha Mountain. it took a lot of willpower as we walked and climbed a lot for a while, however it was worth all the effort, because when we got to the top, the view and the feeling of having arrived there was incredible.

I feel that during this experience I acquired and perfected some skills, such as the improvement of speaking in public and in front of an unknown audience and in a non-mother tongue. This was also the biggest difficulty I encountered, however I think I managed to overcome it successfully.

I think that this experience, in addition to enriching me as a person, as I got to know a very different culture from mine, also enriched me in professional terms. I feel that having a participation in an ERASMUS project on your CV at such a young age is always an asset to the job market.

Last but not least, I must mention that in addition to having come with a new perspective on a new country, I also arrived with new friendships. In Sofia, we met some students from the school who accompanied us and they were all extremely friendly and welcoming, making us feel as if we were in Portugal. We still keep in touch today, which is a very good thing because we create strong bonds of friendship with each other.

I conclude that this experience was something that motivated me to continue participating in this type of projects and getting to know new cultures and people around the world.

My name is Filipe Ferreira and I took part in the mobility to Bulgaria.

Throughout that week, me and my friends had the chance to participate in many different activities. We did a presentation on water quality and preservation, and shared it with our foreign colleagues. We got to explore the laboratories of the school that welcomed us in Sofia, where we were shown some interesting science regarding water quality. Still in the school, we also got to learn some chemistry in a slightly unusual approach: by interacting with several digital 3D models of molecules, observing the molecular structures and bonds, while answering questions and completing related tasks.

There was also enough time for many recreational activities (though almost always coupled with some form of learning). We visited the Sofia History Museum and got an extensive guided tour of the city’s heart. On another day we went on a spiritual journey to the beautiful mountains and lakes of Bulgaria, where we faced challenging climbs rewarded mostly by the breathtaking views. This activity might have been my favourite out of them all because, even though it was lenghty and tiring, I felt connected with the group and the space around me, and lingered on a profound sense of bliss.

This mobility was a great way for me to work on my english, as well as my communication skills in general. I learned a lot about the measures that are being established throughout Europe to preserve water reserves, as well as promising projects and ideas that might help us push a little bit further in that direction. My greatest difficulty might have been missing some people back home, even though I wasn’t gone for long. It was more of a wish to share my awesome experiences with them.

I think projects such as this one help students in many different ways. The most important for me might be that they broaden our worlds and open our minds to different ideas and perspectives.

I am very grateful for having had such a wonderful experience.

Ana Margarida Moreira Cardoso

The Erasmus+ project is, in my opinion, the most enriching educational complement we can have. This specific project was special and full of ups and downs due to the pandemic, and the fact that I was able to participate even taking into account the world situation made it singular, with a mixture of hope and almost a milestone for a restart of life in its normal movement.

Throughout the week, the activities we did, such as walking in the mountains, getting to know the city, participating in STEM-related workshops, were enriching.

However, for me, the best experience was getting to know the city and the culture. Even after participating in another project, which took me to visit one of the world’s power stations, I can say that I fell in love with Bulgaria and Sofia in an almost ridiculous way that I never thought could happen.

Like everything about the future, the way the project will affect me is uncertain, but in this immediate present I know that it gave me a unique experience, the possibility of getting to know new places and making new friends.