Portugal’s File – Estonia Mobility

Student Reports

Beatriz Gouveia

During the mobility week I had the opportunity to participate in several activities and to be in contact with several people from my peer group from different countries. history of the island where we were received and the meteorite crater in Kaali. In general, getting to know and exploring a new country with customs, traditions, culture and way of life contracting to my country was a very enriching experience. Participating in this project was very gratifying. te since I feel that it took me out of my comfort zone and that it helped me to develop social and communicative skills, namely using a secondary language, as opposed to my mother tongue. For the improvement of this type of mobility in the future I would only suggest the question of the time of some of the trips/flights made.

I am César Teixeira and I participated in the Estonian mobility. It was a very pleasant experience, where it was possible to acquire many new skills and improve the ones I already had. A great example of this was my school oral presentations and the significant improvement after participating in this project. It was also possible to establish contact with several people from other countries very easily, thus learning cultures totally different from the ones I was used to. Among the many activities we did, the one I liked the most was the one where we had to make a ball take as long as possible to pass from one point to another. In my opinion it was a good activity to bring people from different countries together to work on a single objective. All in all it was a great experience that I am certainly willing to repeat.

Filipa Azevedo Ferreira

During the week I spent in Estonia as part of the Erasmus + project, I participated in several activities, including bread making, a visit to Kuressaare castle and a walk through the Koig swamp. I particularly enjoyed the walk, which was challenging , and which allowed me to get to know a little of the natural landscapes of the island of Kuressaare.

This week, it promoted interculturalism and allowed me to experience Estonian traditions, getting to know more about this country and its inhabitants. Without a doubt, with this project, I explored and trained my communication skills, improving them and acquiring new skills that will be useful to me in the future.