Silence Speaks Volumes

This mobility aims to teach noise pollution awareness . These activities will both develop the Math(calculating results, making graph) science(Noise pollution, recycling material) ,ICT(preparing poster with WEB 2.0 tools and preparing presentations) and engineering skills (constructing decibelmeter) that all will contribute the students’ skills in normal lessons and raise the quality of their life.In the lecture about noise pollution, the students make a brainstorming about what can be done to reduce the noise pollution at schools and when they apply in their school , this will turn the school into a more relaxing and positive place. Making sculpture with recycled materials will make the students aware that they can use everything around them to make a new product and they will develop an attitude to learning for life itself.

Turkey Mobility:
Ice breaking activity: Treasure Hunt. First day students play Treasure Hunt . The students are expected to prepare a presentation about noise pollution before they participate in the mobility. There will be a quiz about noise pollution and instructions with a map that prompts children to follow the questions and find the answer.

That will both prompt the Group dynamic and help them to know every part of the school.