Turkey’s File – Estonia Mobility

Student Reports

We are Can Yıldırım, Sarp Sadettinoğlu and İlkcan Dumanoğlu. We will share our
experience with “Students and Teachers Experiencing the Meaning of STEM” Erasmus+
Project in Estonia, Kuressaare in which we represented Fatih Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi. First of
all the week was amazing. We learned many interesting things, we made new friends and we
have improved our communication/language skills.
On Monday, we went on a school trip. We introduced the school, went to the forest
and had a music class with Joonas and Taavet.School’s name was Kuressaare Nooruse
School. After the school trip,we ate at school and drank milk with it and made our
presentations about light pollution.
On Tuesday ,we went to a watery swamp which name is Koigi Bog so we wore
special snowshoes . We went up to a tower to take photos of the swamp and took very
beautiful photos. We went to an authentic Kaali restaurant, foods was delicious. We’ve seen
a really big crater and went to a Kaali museum.
On wednesday, we went to Kurassaare- Angla and baked bread. We saw the
windmills and took photos. There were puppets inside, we took photos. Where we made
bread, there were old machines and tools. We ate lunch in Angla and played kahoot with our
Estonian friends(in Estonian).Then, we went to Medieval Centre Archebald. We shot arrows,
catapults, fed rabbits, made dice, wore armor and took photos. We made ice cream with
liquid nitrogen that tasted like fruit yogurts in Turkey. We had dinner at Kanalawings with the
other groups in the evening. Then we danced (only İlkcan danced) and it was a lot of fun. At
the end of the night we went for a walk by the sea with our Estonian friends; Reigo, Joonas,
Taavet and Rudolf. We took a photo of a statue and then returned to the hotel.
On thursday, we went to the castle. There were a lot of historical relics/artifacts in
it(B.C. and A.D.). There were secret passages, wax sculptures and frozen animals. We took
a photo over the castle. The view was amazing. There was a souvenier store at the exit.
Someone bought 1 meter long anchovies. We made a poster on light pollution and a 3D
lighting model. We went to the new gymnasium, it was very technologically advanced. We
ate at school and drank milk next to it.
On friday , we had a hackathon(Think Inside The Box) where we tried to make a ball
stay inside the box as long as possible. We played tennis with our Estonian friends. We ate
at school and drank milk with it. We received our certificates of participation, they gave us
chocolates along with the documents. Then we took our last photos together. We went to get
some more chocolates. We left earlier than other groups. We went to Tallinn and stayed
there that night.
On saturday; we got up, took a walk (in historical places), walked around the square,
bought chewing gum from the grocery store, returned, took our bags and boarded the plane
back to Istanbul.