Turkey’s File – Lithuania Mobility

Student Reports

When we got to Lithiana, the first thing attracted my attention was the population. It is 2.8 million, compare to Turkey it’s nothing even compare to istanbul it’s really few. Wher we got to the train station there was literally no one. It was really suspicious and surprising for me. Momentairly I even thought if we were at the wrong place or something. But thes after an hour so Portugal group has come. Firtstly we were a little shy to each other but then we spoke a little and when we were about to play UNO the train has come. This train took 8 minutes, we went to another station by this train. Then we waited for approximately one hour. That train took us to Kaunas. Then another buy one got to one hotel but that bus was a public one. At the hotel first of all we took our cards to enter one rooms, then we took our time to relax. Later we went for a walk on the street to get to know around and to find a place for eating.  The first thing cought my eye was the architecture. I litterally loved it. The buildings were short most of them were dublex of triplexes-and  their harmony with the sky… I’m falling in love with them even when I’m writing. After a one hour walk we decided where are we going to eat. It was a Mexican and Texas restaurant. I ate Rojitas, to be honest I didn’t like it at all It was the salt free or if was not something was Weird. And I also didn’t like the souces. Anyways we left the restaurant and went back to the hotel. The I took a shower and slept. 

In the first day of the event we went to our  school by a shuttle. Our school was In Jonava, when we entered to the school folk dancers welcomed us. Folk dancers were the schools students but they were younger After a little chatting we went to a classroom and the dance kept going in there. And we watched a video about Lithuania. Then they discounted us something and we met with students. After a little more chatting we  joined  a lesson. We learned exothermic and endothermic reaction there. And did some experiments. Then it was the lunch time. I ante vegetable soup, chicke steak and salad. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t good either. After Iunch we went to the Town Museum on foot. When we were walking I met wit Taveet from Estonia. He was a fourteen, blond with blue eyes. Actually we were peers but I felt like he was my little brother. when we went to the Town Museum I’ve firstly  seen something kind of some chimneys. I’m not totally sure about what were them. By the time a woman strated to tell us something about bees and waxes. but she didnt know English so the  Lithuanian’s teacher translated us what she said. After a short presentation she showed us how to make waxes and we made some. and she gave us the things we made with a gift, mine was a rabbit. later we went to hotel and after that we went to a shopping mall, Akropolis.In there we looked for some stuff and then went to a restaurant. We went to the meal with the Portugal team and we swarmed with them, I ate catfish there and it was the best fish I’ve ever eaten.

The next day, we want to Jonava by shuttle again. We gave our presentations and then the joined the another lesson, then colculated the carbon dioxide level related to the number of cars passed by in 5 minutes in a specific location. Then we went to a botanical garden and joined another lesson. It was about acid and bases. We masured the pH lever of some liquets. The we made bath salts, mine was green and there was mental in it. But unfortunately we couldn’t visit the botanical garden because we had no time left and it was raining. Then we want to the hotel and then visited the Old Town and look for some souvenirs. After  we met with other groups and want to a restaurant. In se eaten scorpion. I did like it much.

Other day we went to capitals of Lithuania. Kernave was the first. In Kernave w firsty saw cathedral it was a huge one and it looked awesome. Then we kept walking and sow some hills. We’ve leaned that hills were human made for protection. Also there was a beautiful loke. Then we had liveni Traka we had lunch in Trakai, we ate  some kind of traditional food there was meat, spinown and cheese in it. I loved it. After the lunch we visited around there was a lake, a museum and some historical buildings. The view was owesome. I really liked it. Then we went to Vilnius. There was a huge cathedral which looks nice. The climbed to a hill there and at the top of the hill there was towers. The view was magnificent. I fell in love with the architecture again. Then for dinner we went to the same restaurant that we went the day before. I ate shrimp but I didn’t like at all.

Next day we went to another school. We prepared salad  and attended  engineering lessons. It was really joyful. Then we went to visit the major and we visited her they told something to was. After that we went back to the hotel and the Lithuanian studnet took us to a restaurant and we ate pizza. Later we went for a walk.

The last day, we prepared a poster about air pollution. Then we danced together, took our  diplomes and said goodbye.

In less than a week I met amazing people and made amazing friends. I traveled, I saw, I tasted, I learned, I shared. I am grateful to all project managers, teachers and the European Union for enabling me to all of this experience. Thanks a lot.